Essential Protective Gear Information

IHSS Care Recipients and Providers Can Request Masks and Gloves

As part of the COVID pandemic response, Public Authority Services (PA) has received a limited quantity of Essential Protective Gear (EPG), consisting of masks and gloves, from the State. To request a small kit of masks and/or gloves, complete the online Emergency Protective Gear Request form.

Supplies and glove sizes are limited. EPG cannot be mailed to you. After submitting your request form, you will be contacted with a date when you can come to our office to pick them up.

Emergency Protective Gear, otherwise known as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), educational videos:

EPG can help protect you and those you are surrounded by from spreading germs and viruses. Here are some educational videos to help you learn the safest methods to avoid contamination when putting on and taking off EPG.

More reference information: