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Enrolling as an IHSS Independent Provider Takes 5 Steps

On-Call Registry can be a safety net for qualifying IHSS consumers

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Independent Provider Enrollment

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Independent Provider Benefits

Learn About Eligibility and Application Process for Care Provider Benefits


Independent Provider Registry

Request Lists of Pre-Screened IHSS Care Providers to Interview and Hire to be Your Care Provider



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Celebrating 25 years supporting IHSS consumers in Santa Clara County

Public Authority Services by Sourcewise launched in 1999 with a team of 8 employees serving 5,600 Santa Clara County IHSS consumers to help them receive care in their homes and remain independent.

Today, we are a team of 22, proudly serving over 32,300 consumers and supporting over 34,000 Independent Care Providers by facilitating provider enrollment into the IHSS program, managing provider health benefits, referring consumers to providers who can work for them, and offering training.

Learn more how we started and how we have grown over the past 25 years in the article published in our spring 2024 Consumer Connection Newsletter.

On-Call Registry Program

The On-Call Registry (OCR) program may be able to temporarily assign a pre-screened IHSS Independent Provider to qualifying IHSS consumers for urgent needs when your usual provider is unexpectedly unable to come to work.

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IHSS Providers Eligible for 40 Hours of Sick Leave

As of July 1, 2024, Sick Leave hours available for qualified IHSS providers increased to 40 hours per fiscal year, between July 1st and June 30th.

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Heroes Needed!

Do you have experience providing caregiving services? The Public Authority Registry is recruiting Independent Care Providers who want their name referred to IHSS consumers for caregiving work.

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Masks and Gloves Available

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) masks and gloves are available for scheduled pick up at the Public Authority Services office.

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IHSS Consumer Symposium

In June 2024, The Santa Clara County IHSS Advisory Board hosted a consumer symposium to share resources and discuss challenges facing the IHSS consumer population.


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