The Public Authority Registry retains the exclusive right to list, refer, or remove an Independent Provider (IP) from the Registry. The Registry is a referral service in place for the express purpose of assisting In-home Supportive Services (IHSS) consumers in locating potential providers. Providers may work for any IHSS consumer choosing to hire him/her with or without the assistance of the Registry. Removal from the Registry does not preclude a provider from securing work as an IHSS independent provider.

The IHSS consumer is the employer and is responsible for selecting, hiring, firing, and managing their IPs.

The Public Authority (PA) Registry maintains the right to support the consumer by removing IPs from the Registry, as it deems necessary. In addition, the Public Authority Registry may remove a provider from the Registry following twelve (12) months of no IHSS payroll activity and termination from the IHSS payroll system.

The Public Authority Registry will consider personality conflicts and other issues prior to taking any action to remove an IP from the Registry.
Policy Minor Offense

One or more complaints from consumers concerning the following behavior may be considered grounds for removal from the Registry:


  • Repeatedly failing to appear at scheduled interviews without notice.
  • Repeated tardiness and/or absence with or without reasonable cause.
  • Discourtesy, rudeness or inappropriate behavior toward the consumer, relatives, or PA Registry Staff, e.g. yelling, making offensive remarks, belittling consumer or staff, etc.
  • Refusal to do the tasks authorized and agreed to at the time of hire.
  • Not performing requested and authorized tasks during work hours.
  • Constantly talking or watching TV instead of working.
  • Inadequate job performance.
  • Not returning consumer phone calls.
  • Not returning Public Authority Registry phone calls.
  • Not updating your Registry file on a monthly basis.
Policy Major Offense
Due to the serious nature of a major offense, one consumer complaint may result in removal of an IP from the Registry. As mandated reporters, some offenses require Registry staff to file a report with Adult Protective Services or law enforcement. Examples of major offences include but are not limited to:


  • Abuse of any sort.
  • Asking the consumer to supplement the allowable IHSS wage.
  • Borrowing or accepting money from a consumer or their family members, including unauthorized use of consumer’s financial accounts.
  • Dishonesty, theft.
  • Drug/alcohol use on the job or arriving to work under the influence of a substance.
  • Falsifying timesheets.
  • Knowingly damaging the consumer’s property.
  • Knowingly sharing or discussing confidential information about consumers.
  • Making inappropriate remarks or actions towards the consumer, or others that could be considered racist or sexual in nature.
  • Referring or allowing non-Registry providers to work in your place.
  • Remarks or actions towards the consumer, relatives, or Public Authority Services staff that could be considered as threatening, intimidation, and/or harassment.
  • Safety/neglect issues, for example leaving the consumer in a preventable, and unsafe. situation
Provider Removal Procedures
The Public Authority Registry will review the nature of the complaint with the complaining consumer, or representative, and follow up with the IP. A written record of the discussions will be maintained in the dated notes section of the software database used by the Registry in the consumer and the IP profiles.


  • Public Authority Services maintains the right to have sole responsibility for evaluating the situation and determining what action to take, if any.
  • If the complaint is determined to be valid by Public Authority Services staff, the provider will be removed from the Registry.
  • The IP will receive written notification of his/her removal from the Registry within ten (10) working days following final determination.
  • The IP will be informed of his/her right to appeal the decision.
  • The IP may appeal this action to the Public Authority Services Director whose decision is final.

The appeal must be submitted within 30 days from the date on the written removal notice. Appeals received after the 30 day time frame will not be processed.