How to Enroll as an IHSS Provider as required by State law.

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IHSS consumers access the Registry to obtain a list of pre-screened, qualified in-home care providers.

Benefits IHSS providers may be eligible for.

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NEW!  IHSS Timesheet Training Video.

IHSS Overtime Information: - (Details)

IHSS Provider Enrollment is at the website: State law requires that all IHSS providers go through an enrollment process and pass a background check before they are eligible to be paid by the IHSS program. IHSS providers wishing to enroll should go to the enrollment website at

Workshops For IHSS Consumers and Consumer Supporters
Call 408-350-3206 for more information.

Now Recruiting Care Providers!
The Public Authority Registry is currently accepting applications and recruiting independent care providers who want their name referred to IHSS consumers. Click here if you want to receive an application to join the registry, or call 408-350-3220.