In-Home Supportive Services Consumers

Public Authority Services by Sourcewise supports consumers of the Santa Clara County In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program with training materials and assistance in finding an Independent Provider to hire.

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I know a person that I want to work for me, and they need to enroll and fill out timesheets

I need to connect a provider who is already enrolled to my case so they can fill out timesheets

I need a list of caregivers who I can hire

I want to request a backup provider because my usual provider can’t work due to an emergency

I’m looking for information on how the IHSS program works, and my role and responsibilities as a consumer.

I want to know what caregiving services might be available to me through IHSS

I need help with my Independent Provider’s timesheets

I want more information on what Public Authority Services does

I want to share my concerns and ideas about the IHSS program with the Advisory Board

I want to know the best way to contact someone at Public Authority Services

I want to find help with other needs, such as Meals on Wheels and other support resources

IHSS Consumer faq

Who is the supervisor for my Independent Provider?

IHSS is a Consumer Directed program. As the person receiving services, you are the provider’s hiring manager and supervisor.

Why hasn’t my Independent Provider received timesheets?
  • There are a few steps that must be completed before providers can access timesheets. Make sure the following has been done:
    • You are fully enrolled in the IHSS program and services and hours have been authorized for you
    • The provider has completed all steps to enroll in the program and has received the approval letter from IHSS
    • You have told IHSS that you have chosen them to be your provider by hiring them through the Electronic Services Portal or by completing and submitting the Recipient Designation of Provider (426A) form to IHSS

Each of these steps takes time for IHSS to process. If these steps have been completed and it has been several weeks, you can check the status of the provider being connected to your case by emailing IHSS at or by calling (408) 792-1600.

Who should I contact with questions about my authorized services or hours?
  • For information on your IHSS authorized serves and hours, or if you feel you need more IHSS hours, contact your IHSS social worker’s direct line, send an email to IHSS (, or call the main IHSS telephone number at (408) 792-1600.