Public Authority Services by Sourcewise is dedicated to assisting IHSS consumers and independent providers in achieving lasting quality employer/employee relationships and has included a list of documents on this website to assist in this process. 

The information included in these documents is intended to assist IHSS consumers hire and supervise independent providers, establish realistic expectations and prevent unnecessary issues or miscommunications. Understanding and agreeing on tasks that have been authorized and what the consumer and care provider can expect is a vital part in maintaining a respectful, professional relationship which will enable the consumer to live independently, safely and comfortably.

Public Authority Brochure (pdf 189KB)

Public Authority Registry Program Description (pdf 81KB)

Consumer Interview Checklist (pdf 856KB)

Supervising Your Provider (pdf 357KB)

Expectation Agreement, English (pdf 223KB)

Elder Abuse (pdf 431KB)

Consumer Removal Policy (pdf 1.3MB)

Consumer Grievance (pdf 467KB)

Interview Tips for Providers (pdf 460KB)

IP Work Log (pdf 10KB)

Provider Removal Policy (pdf 806KB)